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It's all about you & your goals

YoPortfolio is all about you.  Every tool, every analysis, every chart, and every piece of data has been optimized for your goals, your risk tolerance, and your trading history.   YoPortfolio's intelligent algorithms automatically give you feedback tailored just for you.


YoPortfolio BETA already uses the S&P 500 to build your own custom benchmark, but what if you have a different goal?  Soon, you can compare your portfolio to any ticker symbol.

Chart Enhancements

You'll be able to zoom in to any time frame to dynamically view and deeply understand your performance over any time period.

track mutual funds, ETFs, Preferred Stock, & all stock classes

We're adding even more tickers to our data feed - if you can buy it or sell it, you can track it in YoPortfolio.


Huge improvements in load times, especially for large portfolios with 50, or 100, or 200+ trades.

Even More Features in the Pipeline!

Data explorer for each ticker
Interactive chart enhancements, flags, and indicators
Never-before-seen visualizations and analysis


Amazing Perks and Huge Discounts for current members!

YoPortfolio will become a paid service, but current YoPortoflio users get exclusive access to a secret offer - LIFETIME ACCESS for a low, one-time contribution.  Check your email, and stay tuned!



Our mission is to create the best stock portfolio analysis tool for long-term investors...and we're just getting started!    

You'll discover TONS of amazing new features as we roll them out following our official launch.  For now, we have to start somewhere, and we believe this release of YoPortfolio will help you see your portfolio in a whole new way.

We want the stock market to feel approachable, and most importantly, we're adding value and meaning to your stocks.  

If you share our enthusiasm for this vision, please become a backer.  It means the world to us!

The YoPortfolio Team