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YoPortfolio is the best way to track your performance against the S&P 500.

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How should I handle stock splits?

YoPortfolio uses historical data that is adjusted for splits and dividends.  This means that you have to adjust your past trade information to account for splits.  Here's an example:  Apple (AAPL) had a 7:1 split on June 9, 2014.  If you made an AAPL trade before that date, you'll need to multiply the number of shares by 7, and divide the price-per-share by 7 to account for this split.  It's that easy!  We hope to account for this automatically in the future, but for now, you'll have to manually adjust your trade history.

YoPortfolio is in "Beta" - What does that mean?

YoPortfolio is in it's initial public release state.  This means two things:  (1) There's a chance you may encounter bugs and (2) we are using user feedback to improve YoPortfolio. Use the contact form to tell us about bugs that need fixed and your ideas for making YoPortfolio even better.  We are so excited to hear your feedback.  

How does yoportfolio make money?

YoPortfolio is currently 100% free and is using its own money to pay its bills.  We plan on continuing to offer YoPortfolio for free at least while it is in Beta.  Please consider making a donation to YoPortfolio so that we can continue to improve the service.  Donate on our Patreon page!

How is the "Vs. S&P" Data Calculated?

We use SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF) to track the S&P 500.  SPY has followed the S&P 500 with near perfect precision ever since its inception on January 22, 1993.  We use SPY because it is a real asset you can purchase as an alternative to individual stocks.  Beating the S&P 500 essentially means beating SPY.  All prices, including SPY, are adjusted for splits and dividends.

What stocks can I track?

YoPortfolio uses the US Public Company Financials data feed (provided by Intrinio) to analyze your portfolio.  This data feed provides information about thousands of companies traded on US stock exchanges.  Currently, YoPortfolio does not access data for index funds, ETFs, or foreign markets.  If you would like YoPortfolio to include more data feeds, please contact us!

How often is my data updated?

YoPortfolio updates stock prices every 10 minutes.  

Is My Personal Information Secure?

Your privacy is extremely important to us.  The information you store in YoPortfolio is always protected by the most up-to-date encryption standards.  Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for all the details.


Some very important notes...

YoPortfolio is a tracking and analysis tool

YoPortfolio is a tool that helps you track, analyze, and understand your stock portfolio.  YoPortfolio is not a brokerage firm (adding a trade in YoPortfolio does not execute a real trade).  We do not provide financial advice, and all information is provided "as is" for informational purposes only.

Although we are proud of the service and we believe it is a fantastic way to analyze and understand your stock portfolio, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any data YoPortfolio provides.  YoPortfolio should not be used to gather information for tax purposes or other sensitive financial reporting needs.  Please do not use information from YoPortfolio to make any financial decisions.

YoPortfolio is strictly intended to be a great way to track your portfolio's performance over time and understand how past decisions have impacted returns.  We hope you can use this information to be a well-informed investor who learns from the past to invest better in the future.

Please read and understand the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before using YoPortfolio.