Favorite Reads, vol. 1


Welcome to our first list of favorite articles from around the web.  We think these are worth your time.  Enjoy!

Delivering On The 300-Hour Rule by Ryan Krueger

A story about the benefits of experiencing discomfort and how it was turned into constructive embarrassment to revive a famous yet failing brand.

Every Great Investment Hurts by Morgan Housel

"The easy money has been made" ... or has it?

The Biggest Stocks by Ben Carlson

Fascinating insight into a sudden shift of the top companies in the S&P 500 and their incredible returns.  

I Know Why Mutual Funds Fail to Perform by Bill Mann, Motley Fool

I've been waiting for an article like this for some time.  The short answer: "customers, consultants, regulators, and structure" ... all things that individual investors who manage their own portfolios need not worry about, I might add.



Planet Money episode #594: Board Games

An entertaining story (only 21 minutes long) about two investors who attempt to influence a CEO's salary.  


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