Announcing the Launch of YoPortfolio


The YoPortfolio team is proud to announce the beta-release of our brand new portfolio tracking and analysis service!

We have set out to create the best portfolio tracking and analysis tool for personal investors who are trying to beat the market.  

Now that we have finally launched our service, we'd like to take this opportunity to describe our investing philosophy, which has guided the creation of YoPortfolio.  

We believe personal investors who are insightful, forward-looking, optimistic, and patient can beat the S&P 500 by becoming long-term investors in a handful of powerful companies they believe in.

As a personal investor, every time you invest money in the stock market, you essentially choose one of two options:

  • Option #1 is to find a great company and purchase some stock.  You monitor the company and decide when to sell based on company performance, market conditions, changes in leadership, the company’s financials, and so much more…  Generally, that’s us – we are personal investors.
  • Option #2 is to simply buy a low-cost index fund or ETF that guarantees a return essentially equal to the market or whatever benchmark you choose (most commonly the S&P 500).

Why do some people choose option #2?  It turns out, those benchmarks outperform most mutual funds and many individual investors, and they don’t require any of the work involved in managing your own portfolio!

So, here’s the thing: it’s easy to buy shares of an index fund or ETF and match the market’s returns (letting your portfolio grow on autopilot) but it’s quite difficult to actually beat the market.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop us individual investors from finding that diamond in the rough…that next great company that will change the world, crush its competitors, and enrich our personal portfolios.

The point is this:  Individual investors are not just trying to make money.  The goal is to make more money than what an index fund or ETF would return...the goal is to beat the market.  We want validation that all this hard work is paying off, that we're making the right decisions, and we are indeed outperforming the S&P 500.

YoPortfolio will quickly tell you whether you're beating the market, and our simple tools will allow you to understand why in a fun, engaging, interactive way.  You will easily discover which investment decisions have been effective, which ones are holding your portfolio back, and you'll gain a deeper understanding of your stock portfolio than ever before.

From all of us on the YoPortfolio Team, welcome.


Disclosure: This blog represents my personal opinions.  I am not a financial advisor.  Do not buy or sell securities based solely on what you read on this website.  Seek opinions from a qualified financial professional before making any financial decisions.  See the Terms of Service for more details.