Game-Changing & Intelligent
Stock Portfolio Analysis


See your stock portfolio better than ever before with simple tools & smart analytics.  Are you beating the market?


It's You vs. The Market

YoPortfolio benchmarks your performance against the S&P 500.   See a graph of your total market value compared to SPY, which has tracked the S&P 500 with near perfect precision for decades.  

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Trade Scores

Trade Scores use a scale of -5 to +5 to rate each trade based on the company's performance and the trade's impact on your returns.  Identify your best and worst investment decisions.  The results may surprise you!

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Trade Suppression

Play with trade suppression to see the theoretical impact of erasing a trade from your portfolio's history.  Understand how it impacts your returns - for better or worse - and use that knowledge to make more informed decisions in the future.

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Plus, Massive Updates are Coming Soon!

YoPortfolio is about to launch even more game-changing updates and amazing features.  Support us on Indiegogo to help make it happen.

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